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Re: Benedict Cumberbatch /John Harrison [SPOILERS]

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A tiny bit of info on the non-Khan version of John Harrison can be found here:

We felt like we were falling into the trap of using a villain based on previous knowledge of the villain, and we were somehow relying on the audience's expectation to love or hate Khan to make that work," Orci said.

So the writers -- which included Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof -- tried an interesting approach: They created a villain that was not Khan, to see how that would work.

"What's the story?" Orci asked. "A villain that has his own situation that doesn't rely on anything."

They created a character that has been used by Starfleet, resorted to terrorism, is found by Kirk who is told about his abuse and how he's a victim of the "national security apparatus."

"There is a cancer within Starfleet, and it's a story you can pitch without saying anyone's name prior," Orci said. "Once we had that story, then it became, 'Now can it be Khan?'"

The choice to use Khan may have been obvious to Star Trek fans, but it wasn't so obvious to non-fans that turned out for the movie, Orci said. Plus, there was a desire to piece specific major elements of the Star Trek mythos together, and in this case, it was Kirk and Khan.

"You can't do Batman without The Joker," he said. "We knew it would be tricky, and we knew it would lead to a vocal outcry by some fans. But, you know, you have to make tough decisions, when you do something like this."

I completely get what Orci is saying especially on the Joker. However if they had decided to go with Khan they should not have made the film too close to the original.

Orci and Co going with Khan should have inspired them to do something new, fresh, unpredictable and original, devouring themselves of anything that will make STiD get compared to WOK.

The Kirk and Spock glass scene from WOK should never have been done and Spock should not have screamed Khan.

The Dark Knight and Batman 1989 are completely two different films, people hardly compare them.

Nolan was smart to make The Dark Knight his own film, He did not borrow or have his actors react any scene from Batman 1989 and this made both Batman 1989 and The Dark Knight well done films in their own rights. STiD sometimes came off as a WOK parody especially Spock screaming Khan.

I like and respect Orci but I so wish STiD turned out differently and it still doesn't change the fact that STiD is a solid good film.
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