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Re: Duras Sisters surviving Generations

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The interesting thing is that we simply don't know what happened to them. The CLAIM that the sisters were killed, but the fact is that we never saw their BoP explode at all! What we saw was actually the explosion of ANOTHER bird of prey, namely the one commanded by General Chang, which was destroyed nearly a century prior! What are they trying to hide? Why are they trying to deceive us? What secrets are they hiding from us, and what is the truth? What could they gain by faking the deaths of the Klingons aboard that ship?
Really? I never caught that.
You never noticed that they used the same clip? They intentionally made the Duras sisters have the same kind of ship because they were planning on saving money by using that clip.
Nope, I never caught it.

I've posted before that I thought the Enterprise D should have been taken out by a much larger ship than a BoP, she deserved better then that. Sad to hear they did it to save a few bucks on effects.
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