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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

The author states explicitly in his afterword that each story is meant to stand alone. This one sadly does not. The problem lies in the way the ds9 relaunch has been stopped and started over and over. It's half way now between a reboot and a continuation, and I am reminded of O'Brien' s mothers thoughts on eating and talking. To give one shining example, much was made of the new flying bit of the park. No one flew after the test run. It's mentioned over and over, but nothing comes of it. Destiny worked in three parts because a lot of stuff happened in each book, even if the overall story wasn't finished. Cold equations told three stories, and was overall satisfying even if the resurrection of Lal felt somewhat dropped in the second two books (like this book, stuff happens on the last page then.....what's next? Oh an insane two year gap.) The books need to decide if they are tv series, with a regular paced on going plot made up of individual stories, or if each miniseries is a movie...every year or two you get a big action packed tale, sometimes with a large amount of time passing in between. Ds9 works best as a series, and the author knows this....I feel his pain at having to basically say 'hey I was setting up stuff in the last two books, and that stuff happened, but we need a jumping on point for new readers, and having no ds9 station in its anniversary year is bad, so here we are two years on and....action. Eventually. I promise. Just as soon as I finish with this exposition on what you missed, and on what people who are just starting missed, and anyone who didn't watch emissary lately missed, anything you just plain forgot about...and look, Bajoran history flashback that may not be real! Where was I? Oh yeah JFK anniversary too...
It's a shame. The odo sequence is beautifully done. He knows and loves the ds9 crew as much as I do, and I feel that. Even keiko' s haircut is nice to read about, and yeah the painfully short hug and everything is ok with dad and Bashir is long overdue, but tiny and I have a feeling it's too little too late for something very important in two books time. But nothing happens for most of the book. I suspect a lot is down to editorial choices. The two year gap in particular sucks, the cardassian leader suddenly buggering off to go be in the next book seems clumsy, and the blurb for that one is half ruined, because we know bacco isn't going to get there. And I am saying it now....we will never see that missing ds9 'series' set on bajor between stations.
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