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Re: Couldn't find a thread for this...has anyone been to see "Jobs?"

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Really looking forward to the Sorkin biopic. As one of a very small handful of people I know who actually owned a NeXTstation Color Turbo back in the 90's (a system that was easily 5-10 years ahead of its time), I have found this part of the story to be lacking in the general media coverage of Jobs' life, despite the fact it was a MAJOR stepping stone to his return to Apple, bringing with him what eventually became Mac OSX - Apple's new operating system - based on the MachOS UNIX kernel, Interface Builder and Objective C - ALL NeXT inventions under Jobs, all now being used to build literally every app in the iTunes store for iPhones, iPods and iPads.

How I miss it so...

Yeah, read about that and I found it very interesting just how closely everything looked, even at the beginning of OSX.

The problem is that despite it being a huge step to Apple's renewal and rebirth, it's mostly under the hood stuff, and not anything really tangible to show, at least for a mainstream audience. The mainstream audience would be more taken by Job's return and the chapter on the new iMacs. At the very least, they could show him at his new company and being asked back.

Here's a very good site that shows off the evolution of OSes in general. There's a section on NeXT and OSX, and you can clearly see how similar the early OSX was to it.
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