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Re: Dune - The Book and the 1984 film *spoilers for both*

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What did you think of the twins' being only 9 years old and trying to handle all the stuff thrown at them?
Considering they were both pre-born, and we already saw how that affects a child with Alia in 'Dune.' I had no issue with it, it made them really interesting characters, actually. There was one hiccup I had, occasionally I would slip into picturing James McAvoy as Leto II since he does portray him in the mini, but since in the book he's nine, I quickly got back to picturing a nine year old

Oh, and you should also tackle the Dune Encyclopedia (Frank Herbert approved of it, even though it only covers the first 4 books and FH's later novels contradicted parts of it).
After I finish the six main books I may give it a read. I also intend to delve into the prequel novels...despite everyone warning me against them

And then there's the parody National Lampoon's Doon - it's written in the style of Dune, and is hilarious!
I hadn't intended to give that one a look, but I just may if it's as funny as you say it is.
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