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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Only indirectly. You need to know about the new station, the names of the ancient Bajora, and the big event that took place (see, no gleeful spoiler there!), but there's really no development or plotting you need to have sat through, I think you could safely skip it.

You just need:

-'event' that happened at the station, and that there's some shady setup/missing facts about what really happened.

-there's a prophet/orb thing going on, and that's the backstory for the bit at the very end of book 1 (and Kira is tied up in it)
Dang it, I don't want this to sound like I'm creating an echo chamber here, but I truly am waiting for the others with opposing opinions to comment. Before they do so, I'd like to sneak this in, so they can respond all at once.

What DRGIII did for the first half of RaD was an extreme example of the above. When the author dedicates a portion of a book to backstory, a reader expects that backstory to play a role in the book. The problem with RaD was that the backstory played no role whatsoever, or the detail given was so outsized in comparison to its small role, that it overshadowed what it was supposed to support.

In the rest of this series, The Fall, I expect the reader will be shown much more artful use of backstory. The authors will tell the readers the minimum that they can get away with, so that their own novels' story arcs can shine through. DRGIII did the opposite: he gave the maximum amount of detail to the backstory, then devoted nothing to what should have been the story arc of RaD.
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