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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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We don't need another hero something something Thunderdome!
Well played.

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Yeah it would appear that a combination of factors made the Constitution no longer viable for future upgrades forcing the class into retirement. These factors didn't affect the Reliant's and Excelsiors.

Interestingly in DS9 did you notice that Starfleet upgraded the Reliants with additional impulse engines that replaced the stern tubes in the pod?
I noticed that at least some of them had that - but it appeared that others didn't. It always struck me as odd. I wonder if this was intention or accident on the part of the modelling team? Either way, it could mean that Mirandas didn't use the fancy shmancy driver coil-based impulse engines that the Ambassadors and up are said to have by the TNG TM.

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I think it makes sense that future builds of the same class would have the newer tech already included.
I would also throw into the mix - I've wondered if the addition of a warp core in the pod of the Oberth (as seen in the Vico) was an instance of this happening.

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Since FJ's drawing of the Heavy Cruiser made it on screen in TSFS, the Ambassador isn't alone as a Heavy Cruiser type
Touchee sir, thanks for pointing that out.

It also kinda makes that family canon, eh?

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Did we see any Ambassadors during the Dominion War? Or were they only a handful spotted in TNG?
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I want to say the last time we saw them was in the "Emissary" episode of DS9.
Correct... as I recall the filming model was damaged sometime after this, and so it was never scanned for use on DS9. An Oberth and Miranda were created for "First Contact" and ported over, and the Jein Excelsior was scanned for DS9. A CGI Ent-B was created for "Generations" but apparently lost.

Otherwise, all of our DS9-era Excelsiors might have been Ent-B types.

And then of course we have the other ships that were created for FC that were used so extensively.
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