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Re: Thoughts on Season 2

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As for "The Gift", it was another horrible written episode with the one and only purpose to get rid of Kes as soon as possible. It's so thin, unconvincing and full of flaws that I guess that the writer must have written it on the toilet or during a coffee break.
I can see why you don't like "The Gift." I didn't much like the Kes parts either. If they were gonna get rid of her, I'd much rather she have taken off with the guy in Darkling.


Jeri's performance is stunning.
I agree with you here.

Melankon wrote:

It was written by Joe Menosky, who's usually pretty good at crazy weird stuff episodes, but it was directed by Anson Williams, better known as Potsie on "Happy Days", so that might explain everything.
I guess that both the writer and the director were told to come up with somthing in which the character could be dumped as soon as possible which might explain the low quality of the episode.
"low quality" is your opinion, I don't think it's low quality.

as for dumping the character "as soon as possible" that's not quite right. They knew for a few episodes at least that Jennifer Lien was leaving since she was already listed as a guest star in Scorpion part 2. Going from a main character to a guest star requires a different contract, different hours, different pay scale, so it's not like nobody knew it was coming. Plus since she wasn't in any of the season 4 promo shots, I think she knew she was going well before The Gift
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