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Sons of Anarchy Season 6

So, anybody see it?

Someone really needs to make a Saints Row/GTA-style video game out of SOA. Its mission-oriented stories and gang territory struggles would make a perfect backdrop to that genre of gaming.

Anyways, great start to the season. Very shocking and disturbing on multiple fronts. Otto's torture, the "retired" batshit-crazy marshal, Jax's struggle w/ not being able to see Tara and his straying, Clay's incarceration, Gemma losing control over everything, the "Persians"... BTW, LOVED Peter Weller's very true take on Iranians - although I thought Alexander the Great defeated King Darius in 334 BC, but not a big deal in any case. Looking forward to seeing more of him. I know he's been behind the camera for many SOA shows - now that he's in front, he will definitely add to the rich tapestry. And he's, refreshingly, not some brooding or arrogant king like the Irish or Pope. This guy feels a lot more dangerous than any of the others. He's reasonable!

The thing at the end was the most brutal and unexpected. I have to wonder if this scene was filmed before or after Sandy Hook. Very powerful and shocking stuff, and this is going to, once again, put the MC in a VERY uncomfortable federal spotlight. I don't think even Romeo's Company connections will protect them from this shitstorm.
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