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Re: Dune - The Book and the 1984 film *spoilers for both*

Aldo wrote: View Post
I finally finished 'Children of Dune.'

I quite enjoyed it as well, and I can see why everyone praises it over 'Messiah.' While 'Dune Messiah' was a good book in it's own right, it never really felt like a complete story, I still enjoyed it though. 'Children of Dune' was much more satisfying to me, and despite knowing beforehand that it would involve the fall of Alia (both literally and figuratively, it turns out) it was still depressing to watch her lose her inner struggle and be forced to take her own life (in a scene that brought tears to my eyes).

Herbert's writing continues to impress me, I cannot wait to jump into 'God Emperor of Dune' which I'll probably do tonight (my goal is to finish it before I start up school on the 25th of this month). The last two may have to wait, depending on how much attention school will take.
What did you think of the twins' being only 9 years old and trying to handle all the stuff thrown at them?

Oh, and you should also tackle the Dune Encyclopedia (Frank Herbert approved of it, even though it only covers the first 4 books and FH's later novels contradicted parts of it).

And then there's the parody National Lampoon's Doon - it's written in the style of Dune, and is hilarious!

Set Harth wrote: View Post
InklingStar wrote:
Leto oppressed mankind for five thousand years
I thought it was somewhat under four.
It was 3000 years between the end of Children of Dune and God Emperor of Dune. Therefore Leto existed as the Tyrant for slightly over 3000 years.

Then it's another 1500 years between that and Heretics of Dune.
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