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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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The Destiny trilogy was like that. I don't think they are complete on their own. But together, all three make a complete story.
True that it doesn't tell the entire story on its own, but it DOES set up and then resolve sub-stories while contributing to the overall arc. The Typhon Pact series also managed to tell stories while contributing to the overall narrative. This book felt more like watching the first 5 minutes of a tv episode (complete with the "previous on DS9" portion) and then shutting it off. Got a couple minutes of story, but didn't GO anywhere towards the greater whole, just started a story and stopped without really getting into resolving anything. After all the flashbacks and the distant past bit, really wasn't even a lot of time spent in the present moving forward.

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What about the fact that Revelation and Dust is book one of a five book mini-series don't some of you get? If everything was wrapped up in the first book, there would be no need for the other four books.
done better, it would have resolved SOME things while moving the overall story foward as well. This was all intro and NO payoff.

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I cannot answer about whether there is a story arc or not as I've not yet read enough. But I do recall the last time we got DS9 and we had the same lynching until the second book came out and then the lynching stopped.
You seem weirdly aggressive in defending a book that you haven't actually completed yet, no? How do you know whether you're satisfied if you haven't gotten to the end? Seriously, how do you defend being 1/3rd of a way through a book and then arguing about how it finishes with a thread full of people who completed the book? Can't you see that you MAY not have the whole story yet?

And again the Typhon Pact books DID have some individual payoff while contributing to the overall series. this was all intro, and didn't really do much on its own. That's Below Average in my mind. Sure it'll be ok by the end, but doesn't add anything on it's own. If you were to re-read the mini-series at the end, would you even bother with book 1, or just go into the next book knowing the 2 bits worth of setup? Not sure it would be needed to re-read this one.

While you need to watch ROTJ to complete ESB, you can certainly watch JUST ESB and get a measure of satisfaction from what happened there. Don't feel that applied here.
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