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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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But it does specifically identify itself as part of Star Trek: The Fall. It doesn't say DS9 on the cover, it says The Fall. It's not hard to guess that that's the title of a miniseries. It's separate from the title Revelation and Dust, so it's clearly part of a larger whole to which RaD belongs; yet the title The Fall sounds like a reference to a specific event or process rather than an ongoing status quo, so it doesn't suggest an open-ended series. So if you see a book titled Star Trek: The Fall followed by an individual book title, it's pretty easy to deduce that it's one installment of a limited series of books focusing on a specific event.

I can sympathize with your argument about wanting a book to be complete within itself even if it's part of a larger arc. I tend to feel the same way. But I can't agree with you that this book is somehow hiding the fact that it's part of an arc. The title alone indicates that.
The title alone does so only for veterans of TrekLit. Even with that in mind, this novel does not have its own story arc. As its own entity, it is a poor literary work of art, because it is written as though it is a portion of one continuous serial novel told over separate parts. That is not how any TrekLit novel of recent memory has been written, as far as I can remember. Can you cite any such novels of the recent "mini-series" where if you don't read the previous and next novel, you don't experience a complete story arc?
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