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Re: #FreeBabylon5 Campaign

As a die-hard B-Fiver I'd like to join the discussion.

First thought: To have people have an interest in Babylon 5 I'd say that fan-made trailers and teasers would be a start. B-Fivers certainly know which are great scenes, quotes and the like to put in such trailers. Do we have good trailers that reflect and reveal the spirit of the show so others may get interested and won't feel disappointed?

Trailers could range from epic to downright hilarious: "Would you care to drink a cup of tea with your mortal enemy?"

These "Free Babylon 5" posters I've seen here (great artwork!) won't do the job, I'm afraid, because unless average audiences know what it's about, why would they care to "free" something they don't know?

Wouldn't something more aggressive along the lines "The science fiction epic nobody wants you to experience" be a better or more original approach?

The one thing that still annoys me to this day is how Ron Moore advertised the new BSG - at the expense of B5. His Mission Statement highlighted all the sci-fi cliches and stereotypes BSG was not about (of course he conveniently did not mention robots ) which attracted the interest of Edward James Olmos.

I'd say it would be fair use to use this Mission Statement and rewrite it on behalf of Babylon 5.

Unless interest is created to experience B5 the current sad state of affairs will continue.

Second thought: Unlike TNG all the live action footage is available in genuine 16:9. It's essentially the superimposed CGI effects and the space CGI that needs a drastic overhaul, after that 16:9 reformatting of these went so horribly wrong (apparently the mistake of one of WB's contractors as the very same crap happened to the remake of The Shining at about the same time).

We know the acting and the scripts are great, we know that Christopher Franke's "Opera Sauvage" score is stellar, but the quality of the studio sets and the outdated CGI effects isn't really the stuff to attract new and spoiled audiences.

There's got to be some eye candy and - sorry - that especially applies for the first season before the rollercoaster ride that is B5 really gets into motion.

Apparently WB holds on to their rights. Frankly, I hope they are watching the remastering of TNG and its subsequent sales with interest and then decide whether they want to do this kind of remastering or leave it to the "great maker" (JMS) to do it.

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