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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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You, Sci&co are trying very hard to miss the point.
For a person who buys this book from a library, not dedicated enough to conduct internet searches and without intending to collect future star trek novels, this book is garbage.
It does NOT stand on its own; indeed, it fails miserably at this.
And, even within the larger trek lit, it is boring.
There are ways to say you did not like the book without resorting to insults. Also, you miss a major point there. Why would someone buy book ONE of a FIVE book mini-series without intending to buy the others? That's just ludicrous if you think that's how it is.
Because this book does not say "Part one of five." It's as simple as that. It is not marketed as a serial novel. Therefore, it is supposed to be a complete novel on its own. That means, when I review it, I review it from the first page to the last. Nothing more, nothing less.

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And - a 2 page reconciliation with no connection to the so-called plot line of the novel? Or characters just being themselves? Such developments are supposed to make this novel a "superb character study"? Ridiculous.
It's part of the ongoing DS9 plot. So yes, it does have a connection. That plot thread was started in Raise the Dawn and is continuing here.
The plot thread may continue here, but it is also completely pointless here. Because it does not service the plot of Revelation and Dust, it should not be part of the novel. No doubt, in some future The Fall novel, Ezri-Julian relationship will play a role. That novel is where this little 2-page kiss-and-make-up should occur. Because that is the point where it will service the plot.
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