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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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^ Didn't the VOY episode Survival Instinct have something similar to what you describe with Hugh? Survival Instinct with the 3 former Borg drones who kept hearing the thoughts of the others in their little group. This after they were beginning to rediscover their individuality after being separated from the Collective.

The Queen does seem like a superfluous redundancy.
Unimatrix Zero also is a contradiction. However, what Hugh describes is something normal to the Borg experiences. The Voyager episodes describe something that the Borg actively suppress. this is another area in which the hive analogy fails: the Borg consciousness is not natural, but forced.
Troi said in "Q Who?" that she couldn't sense anything coming from the Borg Cube but one big mind. She couldn't sense any "Thousands of Voices", just one big one.

Seven herself said she couldn't hear the Borg voices anymore once she was removed from the Collective either.

The thing is, I think there are two different types of Borg:

1) "Born" Borg, ones who were never individuals but were born into the Collective (the babies seen in Q Who?). Apparently Hugh and everyone on his ship were "Born Borg" who were never individuals, which is why they were so massively affected by individuality and none of them reclaimed their pre-Collective lives. They had none.

2) Assimilated folks. These ones were forced into the Collective against their will and have to have their minds suppressed unnaturally because they're always resisting it. Total opposite of the "Born Borg".

The "Thousands of Voices" ones are the Born Borg who have no reason to resist and harmonize with one another. The Assimilated Ones actively resist and have to be suppressed.

The Queen was probably something that came about to keep the Assimilated Ones from disrupting the Collective too much.
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