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Re: Why are the wormhole aliens called "Prophets"?

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And most of Eastern medicine has either been proven not to work or has been proven it has a physical reason why it does work. Just sayin.
Which is totally irrelevant to the point I was making, which is that different cultures have different ways of defining the spiritual and thus an alien culture -- or a human culture, for that matter -- wouldn't necessarily dismiss the divinity of a thing just because it was provably physical.
Religions and spirituality, without exception, were/are expected to perform an objective function, to influence the physical world - with everything from good luck/health, good harvests to life after death. The belief is they actually work - this is the reason they are given worship.

Many definitions of 'spirituality' are based on demonstrably untrue assumptions - the eastern medicine not working, for example.
And the rest are created/evolved specifically to make confirmation/refutation impossible.

And that's why eastern medicine not working/similar assumptions proven false DO matter in defining the spiritual.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton
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