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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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We should do a dueling fan cred thread: "I drove two hundred miles to see TMP on opening night!"

After reading the novelization of TWOK I wrote a letter to...possibly Vonda McIntyre (lord, I hope I got the name right).
Yep, that was Vonda, who was actually one of my early writing instructors (along with Norman Spinrad). Which I guess makes me a second-generation Trek writer!

(How's that for fan cred?)

And, just to keep the thread OT, when I wrote my Khan books, I did indeed cherry-pick what I needed from Vonda's book and quietly ignored the parts that didn't fit with my plot. Granted, neither are "canon," but I mention this to illustrate that there's a point where common sense trumps an excessive concern with "continuity." I wasn't going to hold my plot hostage to a few paragraphs in a twenty-year-old movie novelization.

It's all about keeping a sense of perspective.

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