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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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If you recall in Raise the Dawn that things were somewhat tense between Ezri and Julian. This is the continuing arc from that plot. There's no way you can say it's not and be correct.
At this point, I must believe you're purposefully missing my point. In reference to this book, which starts at the first page, and ends at the last, the Ezri-Julian encounter serves no purpose to the plot. It is not a character arc on its own, because it stands in a void, and advances neither characterization. I am reviewing this book. I'm not reviewing Raise the Dawn. I'm not reviewing the rest of The Fall which hasn't been released yet. I am reviewing Revelation and Dust. That is all.

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They served the clear purpose of continuing the ongoing serialized story of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which has always -- on TV and in the Relaunch novels -- contained character-based B-plots that were not directly related to the main plot. Or are you going to say that, for instance, the Quark/Garak scenes should have been removed from "The Way of the Warrior?"
There was a nugget here that I missed the first time through, that I think deserves pointing out. This novel was not marketed as a serial. Serials are something entirely different.
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