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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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It's been years, so maybe I don't remember right, but seems like I read way back then that the bridge section they used was actually built by fans somewhere for a convention or something and the TNG production borrowed it? Does that sound right to anyone else?
As I recall the story, I had heard that the TOS bridge set was built by Paramount, but they had a limited budget that was shared with a Dyson sphere exterior and interior, as well as the miniature of the USS Jenolan (a redress of the Executive Shuttle miniature seen in Star Trek VI), plus its corresponding set. This resulted in only a few walls of the bridge being made, plus command chair and center console. This is why when both Scotty and Picard step into the holodeck and see the bridge (Scotty greenscreened in) from the wide common filming angle, they were really standing in front of the engineering station and turbolift, the only two walls that seemed to have been built and were ever fully shown throughout the entire scene. They just removed the dedication plaque under the red alert light (built much too wide) to make it look like a different wall.
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