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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

Ha! Year 4! There you go...

I think, given that the establishing shot was straight from a TOS episode, that we really should not sweat the details on this one. Watch it on a 22" CRT like you had in the 90's and pay attention to Picard and Scotty, like you're supposed to, and you won't notice the differences. There are countless shots in TOS where, if you really study what's going on there, the sets have been cheated all over the place to make the camera angles better. Do we really want to take everything on-screen as The Literal Truth Of The Faithful's Canon? The only detail that is pretty glaring to me is the edge of the upper deck being carpeted and going down as a straight wall to the lower deck. On the actual set this was black and had an overhang which, frankly, looked better than the TNG version. But, still, this is only visible in a couple shots and is easily overlooked.

It's been years, so maybe I don't remember right, but seems like I read way back then that the bridge section they used was actually built by fans somewhere for a convention or something and the TNG production borrowed it? Does that sound right to anyone else?

At any rate, Star Trek in real life is a television show and its production was sometimes hampered by the realities of real life. Given what a good job they did every week putting together feature quality material for us to be entertained by, I think we can cut them a little slack on this sorta thing.

The fact that they bothered to do a TOS-style anything is, to me, a sign that they had a respect and an affection for the original material. Sure the little things might have gotten misplaced a little, but, seriously, I give them credit for trying.

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