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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Well, THIS review of the finale/first season gives quite the visual!

First things first, everyone please stand up and give Orange Is the New Black the standing ovation it deserves and throw some bras on stage (you too, guys), because Season 1 was fantastic and a visual handbook on how not to screw up television. And the finale isn't even his favorite ep of the season!

That honor goes to Tall Men with Feelings...

and this great description of the central love affair...

Alex and Piper's relationship was and is one of those fiery, tumultuous affairs where the hots are surface-of-the-sun blazing and the colds are the-other-side-of-Pluto frigid.

I liked his intro to F*cksgiving and Moscow Mule...

But Orange Is the New Black's comedy is best when it's more black than orange, when it finds hope in times of bleakness, and when the worlds of privileged blondes are blown up.

...although I disagree with his thesis that Red's backstory/all backstory's should be as "complete" as Sophia's and Miss Claudette's. I liked how Red's backstory is mostly teased, here and there, as is her present life.

Think about it... we hear about her sons & their wives in the finale, but we NEVER hear about Red's husband in the current sense.

Is he dead?

Did he turn her in?

Is he in another prison?

I like that... in the sense that it means there is more story to unfold.

Speaking of backstory... I soooo disagree with his take on Nicky's story.

While I wouldn't call the backstory we saw for Nicky in "WAC Pack" a break from the show's M.O., she certainly got shafted in comparison to previous flashbacks. Two measly rewinds, that's it? One was with her mom after Nicky had just gotten out of surgery, and the other was with her prison mom when she had a bad case of withdrawal right after entering prison. There was no story to them, just quick check-ins that told us what we already knew: Nicky has tangled with drugs, and it sucked. And that's probably the toughest part, because we didn't learn anything about the character at the center of the flashback,

Good heavens... we learned why Nicky became a druggie, and why Red became so important so quickly to Nicky. A relationship that fueled the next few eps when she turned Tricia away from "the family" and when she outed Red to Mendez and guilt tripped over same before & after Tricia's death.

A new photo from the set...

... although I agree it isn't Pennsatucky's cell, there doesn't seem to be enough books for it to be Sr. Ingalls cell.

Hmmm, somehow I missed the Parade magazine teaser about our show...

... and I certainly agree with #3

3. Audiences connect to multidimensional characters.
OITNB has managed to craft multidimensional characters where even the worst ones have a relatable quality, experience or dream. From killer Miss Claudette Pelage (Michelle Hurst) to chief kitchen convict Red (Kate Mulgrew), each episode manages to build on audience attachment.

Oh my...

...after watching that "Sons of Anarchy/Sesame Street" parody, I think we are going to be gyped if we don't get a "OitNB" Sesame street parody too.

This will probably be Piper's theme next season.


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