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Re: The Reality of Star Trek

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Then add Sanctuary Districts and place them in the U.S, complete with policemen wearing fascist like uniforms.
Let's see, tan shirt, tan trousers (or coveralls?), a belt and ankle boots. This is what the fascists wore?.


Maybe the Prime Directive isn't looking so bad and heartless after all?
In the 23rd century, or least as it was applied by Kirk, the prime directive made a large degree of sense. As Picard employed it, it was in fact heartless and showed cowardliness on the part of the society that hid behind it.

soldiers wearing heavy armor being with a sniffing drug automatically attached
The anti-projectile/fragment armor looks to be practical, it actually looked a lot like what modern bomb disposal personnel wear. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein (in 1966) used the idea of soldiers being given "don't worry" drugs prior to combat.

Religion extremist and fundamentalists think that humanity has gone from better to worse
Quite the opposite, certainly many Christian fundamentalists have a abundant optimistic viewpoint of the present and the future, almost to the point of being Pollyanna.

That's where all that smiling comes from.

"God took the trouble to tell us eight hundred times [in the Bible] to be glad and rejoice."

Just like failed prophecies, It does look funny when things don't look or turn out the way sci fi imagines it will
One of Star Trek's biggest prophecy failures was where Picard and Riker said that the Enterprise didn't need to engage in a war game, because to their minds combat abilities were a minor part of a starship Captain's duties. A few year later came the Dominion War.

Pray for the best, plan for the worst.

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