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Re: VOY Caption Contest 112: Restraints, Cows, Kimsanity!

Janes: Canteloupe! Canteloupe!

Chak: No, you changed our safeword, remember?

Janes: Interplexing phase...sinusoidal... - damned technobabble!

Damn Paris and his movie ticket lines! I'm going in!

Janes: This is wonderful, Tuvok! What do you call it?
Tuvie: Short and Curly Surprise.
<Tom & Harry put forks down. Janes keeps eating>

Cow: Oh, Harry!
Harry: Do I make you horny, baby?

Harry: Why didn't you warn her about Tuesday's Fiesta Buffet!
EMH: I figured she'd hurl it sooner or later.

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