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Re: Was Roddenberry a Terrible Writer?

Or to hire writers whose visions he respects and talents he trusts sufficiently to let them have their head. I was just reading a piece today with the lady doing that new Jon Voight Liev Schreiber show and she brought one writer over from the UK (he had done a series about a transgendered hit man!!!!) just on the basis of the uniqueness and darkness of his take on things, and took another guy just on the basis of him wanting to move on from MAD MEN (with Weiner's approval.)

It's probably apples & oranges comparing then & now, given how much more the shows are staff-written now ... but in terms of continuity and voice, I think Coon did a much better job than GR (no more 'space central' or whatever they were calling SFC each week, and certainly more consistency with Spock, though some of that was improved on the acting end too.)
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