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Re: Jelly Beans show you how much you waste your time!

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From the moment you're born, you're already dying. If you are "lucky," it will be very slow, and as pain free as possible. Most of us are not, and will not be "lucky."
That's really disturbing, even though it's true. They say live life to the fullest and to make every day a good day, yet every day you're one step closer to death. However, in terms of your lucky comment, I think some of it can be "skill". It's how you treat yourself, are you active, what you eat, etc. you take good care of yourself and you can be one of the "Lucky" ones, as you put it.
It's more luck than skill. You can be quite skilled, and still be saddled with an endless stream of emotional, and physical, health problems. You could be born into a family where you are trapped by circumstances that are beyond your control. A situation where the decisions you make can end or significantly degrade the quality and quantity of someone else's life, and no matter what choice you make, you still lose in the end.

There is no pleasant, or optimistic, quote to keep it away; sometimes you are born in shit, and that is where you'll die, having seen the land, and people, and life of your dreams all above you, and never achieving it. Right there in front of you, in your field of vision, and always just outside your reach. Then you die and it doesn't matter as your dreams die with you, and the people who observe it all from the outside no longer have to care, because you're gone now, and they have their own lives to live before they, too, succumb.

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