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Re: First Look: The Klingon Art of War by some dude named DeCandido

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Here's the full list of significant appearances by Klag and the gang:

"A Song Well Sung" in Tales of the Dominion War
TNG: Diplomatic Implausibility
The Brave and the Bold
Book 2
I.K.S. Gorkon Book 1: A Good Day to Die
I.K.S. Gorkon
Book 2: Honor Bound
I.K.S. Gorkon
Book 3: Enemy Territory
"loDnI'pu' vavpu' je" in Tales from the Captain's Table
Klingon Empire: A Burning House
A Singular Destiny
Does this mean life on TrekBBS is returning to normal with a KRAD list?
To be fair, Klag was fleshed out by KRAD and KRAD alone. What do you expect? ...or were you just trolling again?
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