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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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You claimed there were no character arcs in this book. I cited several. You then shifted the goalposts by moving from claiming that there were no character arcs to claiming that there wasn't enough resolution.
I stand by my assertion that what you cited were not character arcs.
Complete bullshit. They were character arcs; you just didn't like them.

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False. The very first blurb announcing The Fall identified Revelation and Dust as the first part of an interconnected mini-series.

Of course, as a veteran reader of TrekLit, I realize that "The Fall" means it's part of a connected series, just as others before have been.
Meaning you knew full well it was book one of an interconnected miniseries, and it was marketed as such.

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I'm not exactly sure what you're saying. How, exactly, does it "play no role in the novel"? Ezri and Julian are two characters with whom the readers are invested. We care about what happens to them. We see a reconciliation between the two of them that has been a long time coming. How exactly is that not playing a "role in the novel"? It's a part of the on-going story of all of these characters! I guess I'm just having a hard time figuring out what parts of the novel you think "play no role," and what exactly your criteria are for inclusion in the "role-playing" parts of the novel.

You say that the things the novel talks about have "no bearing on the events of this novel." I see it differently. I see these happenings AS the events of this novel. I think it can't be studied in isolation. This novel is a part of the on-going story of Deep Space Nine and its characters.
I suppose this is another basic philosophical difference, then. To me, anything that can be removed from a novel without affecting the outcome should be removed. Chekov's Gun. Their making up served no purpose to the plot of the novel. Nor did the mentions of Quark's financials.
They served the clear purpose of continuing the ongoing serialized story of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which has always -- on TV and in the Relaunch novels -- contained character-based B-plots that were not directly related to the main plot. Or are you going to say that, for instance, the Quark/Garak scenes should have been removed from "The Way of the Warrior?"
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