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Re: The Official "Oblivion" Review Thread

Wow, I'm amazed that this thing is getting any kind of praise at all. A half-hour out from having managed to get through it, I can honestly say I've rarely in my life seen a movie that seemed like such an utter and complete misfire.

I mean, I may have to upgrade INTO DARKNESS above D+, because this thing -- with the exception of the marvelous projected cloudscapes outside his skyhome -- failed in every way possible, and generated more eyerolls than I could count.

Maybe this is an example of what the ultimate synthesis of videogames and movies will become, because most of it looked like a videogame and was just as empty an experience. Even my wife was calling out plot points and shots before they turned up on screen ... we both knew somebody got shot as soon as the gun went off when the 'twins' were tussling, and 30 seconds before that I said 'must have been your life's ambition' just as my wife punched me for interrupting her saying the same thing.

I'm beginning to think Stuart Baird has competition as the guy who should not be behind the camera making movies. This guy has two movies that deliver just as lamely as all three of Baird's. And I really had some hopes for this going in ...

Thank God I rented PHANTOM first ... the two just about cancel each other out.
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