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The UPS guy just dropped it off at the house today and we finally watched it. My 11-yo daughter who doesn't like the 2009 film, but does like TOS called it the "best movie ever," which is hyperbole, but does mean she liked it.

While I loved the intensity, I thought the movie was good but not great. Part of the issue was that while it was clearly a new spin on Khan to fit the new timeline, there were still too many things that I'd seen before, which is more on me than the movie itself.

I'm not particularly fond of the new Starship/Star Travel paradigm. It reminds me too much of Star Wars, both in the open spaces within the ships and the fact that interstellar travel seems to happen in real time on screen. I just don't see the logic of following naval traditions and design philosophies when the average interstellar voyage seems to take less time than most people spend walking to their car in a mall parking lot.

As a movie, it was fun, worth the money I spent, and I'll watch it again.
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