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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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What about the fact that Revelation and Dust is book one of a five book mini-series don't some of you get? If everything was wrapped up in the first book, there would be no need for the other four books.

Take a good look at The Empire Strikes Back. It ended with a cliff-hanger and we have to wait for the next movie to find out what happens. It's the same sort of thing here.

It's not supposed to wrap things up in book one. It's supposed to wrap things up in book five. Yes, some things will be wrapped up before book five, but the entire story won't be wrapped up until book five.
For an in depth response, you can simply read back a few pages. But to sum it up: this book had no story arc of its own. Therefore, it's not comparable to TESB, since that movie had a complete arc of its own, even though it ended on a cliff-hanger.
I cannot answer about whether there is a story arc or not as I've not yet read enough. But I do recall the last time we got DS9 and we had the same lynching until the second book came out and then the lynching stopped.

But as for TESB, it was an INCOMPLETE story until we saw the Return of the Jedi. TESB had a beginning, a middle, and NO END. It did not have this arc you are talking about. The arc was only there when the 2nd and 3rd movies were paired up.

This book doesn't need the this story arc you think is missing. It just need to be enjoyable and it needs to start off the FIVE book mini-series. I don't expect this to be a complete book on it's own. I expect it to be part of a FIVE book mini-series. I expect there to be this ARC when you read all FIVE books.

What I am reading is some are not getting just what a FIVE book mini-series actually is. It does not mean that each books has to be standalone. It means they have to work when put together. Do they? I cannot say until after reading all FIVE books.
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