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Re: Did TNG's Early Scope Shrink?

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Few things are ever so simplistic as to have only one cause, which is why looking for someone to "blame" tends to get in the way of true understanding. There's no denying that the network's wishes were a major limiting factor on both VGR and ENT. If the show didn't retain the best writers, that may well be because the network's restrictions were too frustrating for them. We know that Ron Moore bailed after two episodes because he couldn't deal with the limiting creative climate.
Moore himself has stated the many problems with the VOY producers and writers. The two groups didn't work well at all together. But he never mentions UPN once in this article.

We've also heard recently that UPN's demands radically altered what ENT's creators wanted it to be (they basically wanted the whole first season to be like the episode "First Flight," building up gradually to the launch of NX-01, and they didn't want transporters or a Temporal Cold War), so it doesn't seem unlikely that VGR would've been subject to similar restrictions.
I don't think that would have worked. It would have been different, but taking an ENTIRE season just to get into space? Not very exciting.

The proper comparison here is to syndicated shows like TNG and DS9. DS9 was able to push the envelope and be daring and experimental, while VGR was constrained to formula. And that's at least partly because the syndicated shows had fewer bosses to answer to.
Stop acting like first run syndication is the best thing ever. There are a ton of forgotten terrible first run syndication shows, and shows like "Earth Final Conflict" and "Andromeda" which completely collapsed in terms of good writing after their first seasons.

Indeed, maybe the reason we haven't is because the producers were fighting the network and/or the studio fiercely and it just would make things look too bad if the battles were publicized. We just don't know.
Where is your evidence of this?

We DO know that several actors were dissatisfied without how the writers handled their characters. Robert Beltran and Garrett Wang disliked how they characters were developed, the writers retaliated by giving Chakotay less and less to work with every season. This doesn't seem like people that cared about their show.

So... now you're accepting my premise when before you were rejecting it? I'm confused.
I'm saying both the VOY writers and UPN are to blame. You seem to be saying the VOY writers were victims of a big bad network.
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