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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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Not to mention Zack Snyder's signature imprints are splattered all over the film's second and third act.
I actually think Snyder's direction was pretty far removed from his usual style. A signature Snyder action sequence would have loads of slow motion. If you want an example of a signature Zach Snyder sequence I would say look no further than 'Sucker Punch' that film is unabashedly Snyder.
It's dialed down, but there's still those seething remnants of it that are bottled within the film that come popping out in full force in the final act, free from the shackles of constraint. The final act(sans the slo-mo') is vintage Snyder.
I actually wished Snyder had employed slo-mo during the final action sequence. Sure it would still have been mindless action, but at least it would have been stylistically mindless action.
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