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Re: Did TNG's Early Scope Shrink?

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^Now we're going in circles. As I already said, it was pressure from UPN that forced them to make it "a warmed over TNG," because more TNG was what UPN wanted. It was the flagship show of the whole network, the foundation of the whole UPN experiment, and so the network execs wanted it to be safe and reliable and not do anything too daring or risky.
Yes, lets blame it all on UPN. The writers had nothing to do with VOY's mostly mediocre writing.

There was a time when Gene Roddenberry did TOS which aired on a network, and was able to make it good and memorable. He found a way to work around censors to bring out the better episodes.

Michael Piller had to work around some of Roddenberry's silly mandates to make TNG a better series.

The VOY writers just shrugged and went along with whatever UPN demanded.

(Note, by the way, that UPN itself did not last long after it cancelled Enterprise. The network really couldn't survive without Trek anchoring it.)
The network idea was a failed idea from the start, depending on a franchise that they themselves didn't want to take risks with. Not taking risks mean it stops being interesting.
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