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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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I also am not too fond of folks that say its for the "drooling masses" or that the movies are "least common denominator" fare.
That pushes my buttons, too. Every time someone tries to frame the debate as "The Fans" versus "The Masses," my hackles rise and I start arming the photon torpedoes.
And I think it's even worse than just "real fans" vs. "the masses". When someone gets called, basically, a dumbass, stupid, or some other variation of a "drooling" idiot because they like a movie, I think that crosses a line to personal insult and I'd bet, easy, that most of the people here who like the new movies don't need to have their "fan cred" questioned. We didn't just show up in 2009.
"You have been examined. Your ship must be destroyed. We make assumption you have a deity, or deities, or some such beliefs which comfort you. We therefore grant you ten Earth time periods known as minutes to make preparations."
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