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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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I also am not too fond of folks that say its for the "drooling masses" or that the movies are "least common denominator" fare.
That pushes my buttons, too. Every time someone tries to frame the debate as "The Fans" versus "The Masses," my hackles rise and I start arming the photon torpedoes.

In real life, of course, "fannishness" exists along a spectrum. At one extreme you have the folks who know every episode by heart. At other extreme, you have the folks who think that "Star Track" has something to with Darth Vader and light sabers. But in-between, which is where the vast majority of the audience lives, you have a wide range of viewers who have had some exposure to Trek and are interested in it to varying degrees.

And, of course, there are also sorts of different flavors of fans, who gravitate to different aspects of the various shows. Some fans prefer TOS to the later shows; others prefer the 24th-century shows and movies; some people are in it for the hardware and technical stuff; some people are all about the "message" and social allegory; some people are all about their favorite characters; others just want an exciting space opera adventure; some people want to be Klingons; etc.

Anytime someone claims that all the "true" fans want the same thing, I roll my eyes and hit "Reply."
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