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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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It's a board in which people voice their opinions, frankly I'd find it boring if everyone agreed on everything. It's Star Trek, people discuss good and bad aspects of it be it the movies or certain episodes.
I tend to agree to a point.

I love to discuss Star Trek, but I'm not a huge fan of Deep Space Nine or Voyager and I tend to stay out of those forums. If I do respond to a topic I find interesting, I try to drop the attitude before responding.

It's not that people dislike the Abrams films that irks me personally, it's the sense of entitlement that some of those folks display. I also am not too fond of folks that say its for the "drooling masses" or that the movies are "least common denominator" fare.

I know where you're coming from but this one is titled the 'Future of Trek' so surely anyone who has a vague interest in what happens next can discuss their feelings/opinions. There was no attitude in my post I was simply stating what I believe to be a fact.

I'm more a believer of if I don't like something someone has said I can either choose to ignore it and move on or enter into a discussion to try and understand the positive and negative points and gain a conclusion based on them. If not, revert to the former
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