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Re: Kate and Robert together at Vegas

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Avery Brooks on the other hand, while not overtly fat, is obviously gaining a few pounds; certainly not to the extreme of Shanter and Mulgrew, but its noticeable.
When I saw him a couple years ago he was downright scrawny.
All the pictures I see of him these days suggest he has a belly, not a huge one, certainly not keg sized, but certainly enough to point out he let himself go. He seems really good at wearing the right clothing to hide it and sucking it in though! He's certainly not blubbery.

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Clearly, if you threw all 5 captains on a Tough Mudder course, Patrick Stewart would easily win it, Scott might pull through and Shanter would easily die after a few steps

But no one notice who was winning because Shatner would die so dramatically he would steal all the limelight.
That might be the truest statement ever made in this forum.
Truth is a 3 edged sword
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