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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

This collection best sell well so they get to do all of them.

This is like starship addict crack, you know?

Waiting eagerly!

Sadly the first ships up are ones I have in various sizes already; they always do the old stalwarts first. But even they look good from the photos I've seen.

Anyone gotten any of their ships yet? I've seen people post pics of them bought from stores already. Bit irritated subscribers aren't getting them first. Though it could just be certain outlets not obeying release schedules.

Oh, also, if anyone is as much of an addict as me that they even want nuTrek stuff, the Wal-Mart collectors edition of STID has a 1:50 scale Vengeance from the hot wheels line. Dunno if it'll ever get it's own solo release.
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