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I'm actually going to agree with this. Any automated systems should be treated like an airplane's autopilot----available as a tool, but not in any way alleviating the pilot's responsibility for the safe completion of the flight.

It may come about that someday we can take things farther than that, but we have a ways to go before we get there. In the meantime, let's just get as much driver-assist technology in place as we can.
One negative side effect of driver assistance systems is that people unlearn how to drive, basically. Rely on your parking assistance way too often and you stop being able to park your car properly in case the system fails, for example.

Also the reliance on your assistance systems makes you pay less attention, and increases your reaction times in case something goes wrong, that's been shown as well.
That ship sailed a long time ago: automatic transmissions, power steering, anti-lock brakes, cruise control, traction/stability control, etc. There's so much that separates the driver from the actual mechanical behavior of the car at this point that it's almost a joke to still call it "driving." The more automated cars get, the more absurd the idea of "driving" yourself becomes.
However most cars soled in places like Europe (and perhaps Japan, Australia etc..) are manual transmissions. And how does ABS, power steeering and traction control sperate you from driving?

ABS and traction control systemsl(TCS) can help prevent accidents, though their are times when you actually need to switch off TCS. As for power steering all that means is the steering wheel is easier to turn. It doesn't seperate you from driving. You still have to feel what the car is doing. The problem is that some cars give better feedback say through the steering wheel than others.

As for cruise control like anything else it's just another driver aid, you as a a driver still have to be aware of what is going on, and planning ahead.
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