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Re: Dark Tower/Tie-Ins Reading Order Help

Joe Hill's NOS4A2
The Long Walk
The thing is that there are least four major types of connections within Stephen King's fiction. There are the Dark Tower crossovers, the non-Dark Tower crossovers, the geographical coincidences, and the similar images. Not all of it is even intentional, but between them, virtually everything King has ever written can be dragged into the Dark Tower saga by playing Six Degrees of Separation. I just thought of a completely random King title-- Dolores Claiborne-- and managed to tie it into the Dark Tower. (For the morbidly curious, the chain is Dolores Claiborne -- Gerald's Game -- Needful Things -- "The Library Policeman" -- Misery - It-- Dark Tower.)

You could certainly read any of those four books, but you're not going to find anything to do with the Dark Tower story in The Long Walk or 11/22/63, and there will only be the briefest of allusions in Cell and NOS4A2. I think it would probably be better to either leave the list as it is, or blow it wide open and read everything King (and now Hill, who has started playing the same game) has ever written.
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