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"Nine violations of StarFleet Regulations"

... so what were they, specifically? I can think of a few:

1. Disobeying direct orders (was the only one they were eventually charged with -- and it was a Kirk-specific charge)

2. Sabotage of the Excelsior

3. Breaking McCoy out of the Funny Farm

4. Sulu's assault on the bored security guard during said breakout

5. Sulu's destruction of the guard's security console

6. Uhura's phaser threat against Mister Adventure

7. Destruction of the Enterprise

... and I think I'm missing a couple (more, in case some of the above don't "count" per se). Anything I'm missing? I'm assuming the assault and killing of the Klingons was not included, since the Klingons picked that fight. Could McCoy's public conversation with Big Ears about Genesis be on the list?
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