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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Frankly I think the fanbase as a whole would be happier if the people who weren't happy with the Newverse just stopped watching and talking about it instead of going on about times seemingly endlessly.

Oddly, when I don't think I'm going to like something, I...don't watch it. I certainly don't go to a public message board and decry it repeatedly. I'd think that would get tiresome for me...and I'm sure it gets tiresome to read such negativity.

For that matter, if people don't like it anyway, why -do- they continue to watch it? So they can continue to talk about how much they don't like it and feel validated in doing so?

It's a board in which people voice their opinions, frankly I'd find it boring if everyone agreed on everything. It's Star Trek, people discuss good and bad aspects of it be it the movies or certain episodes.
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