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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness out on Blu-ray/DVD September 10th [spoiler

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I continue to enjoy not having a substandard disk and will wait as long as it takes to get all the extras on one disk at a fair price.
You've made that point, yes.

Quite a few times, now.

If you feel you need to continue making it, over and over and over, you're welcome to go off and write a blog about it—heck, you could even write letters to Paramount or Bad Robot—but it'll earn you a spamming warning if you keep it up here.
I see no difference between continued posts reporting a purchase and where the UPS truck is or continued posts saying I still have not changed my mind. I already wrote to Paramount. Your post could have been a PM...
The biggest difference is that, while each of those reports of purchase or UPS-truck status is posted by a different person, you have been posting essentially the same thing, over and over, in this thread. That's spamming.

You were also asked in a different thread to desist from haranguing another poster for his supposed failure (in what never pretended to be anything other than a comparative review of extras in the various Blu-Ray sets for Star Trek Into Darkness) to advocate a blanket boycott. You appear to be beating more or less the same drum in here, with little intent other than to provoke a response from other posters.

Those, together with your refusal to drop the subject after having been asked to do so, will provoke this response: you have earned a warning for trolling. Comments to PM, if you will.
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