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Re: Technological Stagnation

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The concept of automated cars isn't feasable. On highways, perhaps. In cities, never.

There will ALWAYS be situations a computer cannot cope with, and the human needs to take over. But that human will be playing chess or masturbating inside his car in the meantime, his situational awareness is gone. That problem cannot be solved and that's why it will not work.
Complete nonsense.

Please provide examples of problems a computer could not respond to.
A loss of vehicle electrical power. That happens, a lot, and then you've got a 2,000 pound ballistic object traveling at 70 mph, just as if the driver got shot in the head by a sniper.

A system crash. Suppose the blue screen of death really did often end in death?

A blown tire or hydroplaning, ending in a big ugly wreck. The automobile company would then be liable for not anticipating and reacting correctly.

Hacking. With a driverless car, a car bomb is automatically upgraded to a smart bomb.
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