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Re: What concluded series do you miss the most?

I'm going to choose an odd one: Challenger

I really enjoyed New Earth when they came out and was excited when the Gateways series came out and it had a Challenger installment. I didn't have the internet back then and would go to the bookstore monthly just to check if there was a new Challenger book. After a while I took a hiatus from reading Trek and when I got back into it a couple years ago I looked online and discovered that Challenger was never really given a chance, which really disappointed me because New Earth was what really got me into Trek Lit. Once getting back into Trek Lit I've started to read New Frontier and have really gotten into that so I selected that on the poll. I've only just finished the Excalibur Trilogy (thought the 2nd installment, Renaissance, was the worst Star Trek book I've read so far, but otherwise they have been some of the best Trek I've ever read.) though...
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