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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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This is just plain insane. It is utterly, completely absurd to claim that the bridge from Relics is not the Enterprise bridge.
It's no more "insane" than what many of us do here at the BBS, i.e. getting into tiny details of Star Trek. I think "mental gymnastics", as Albertese put it so well (and again. I think he'd made a great speechwriter), would be more appropriate.
In fact the differences are there and obvious
  • the touch panels of helm and navigator are different
  • these stairs down to the inner bridge core are different
  • Kirk's command chair is lacking intercom speaker
  • dedication plaque and alert indicator are to0 close together
and so on. Since my original objection (TOS creators' intent) was considered irrelevant and it's retroacive canon that decides, I therefore examined the retroactive canon and found no evidence. Interestingly, now we are back to intent, since canon didn't work out for the Constitution Class.

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To anyone who isn't going over pictures of the set with a microscope to point out how they didn't perfectly replicate it for one scene in one episode, it looks identical to the TOS bridge.
But it's okay to use a microscope to decipher the small print (!) of a small viewscreen display (!) which indicates the existence of a Constitution Starship Class and thus conjure up that the TOS Enterprise had to belong to this starship class?

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Meanwhile, you suppose that Scotty, Picard, and the Ent-D computer all completely mistook the bridge for that of another starship class entirely. How do you explain the fact that the holodeck, which presumably has access to Starfleet visual records, came up with the wrong ship?
Obviously the computer didn't have visual records of Pike's, Decker's or Spock's bridge, otherwise it would have asked Scotty for specifications because it couldn't possibly know which NCC-1701 Scotty was talking about.
It stands to reason that Scotty only got what the computer had to offer and this could have just as well been the similar looking bridge of a Constitution Class starship.

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Hey, Dax and Sisko are only Starfleet officers getting ready to go aboard the most famous ship in history, on a vital secret mission. I'm sure they didn't check the deck numbering at all. It's not like Dax didn't live through that time period or anything. Oh, wait, no. That again requires assuming the characters are complete idiots or that Starfleet somehow lost all records about the ship.
We do not know which other things Dax remembered other than the ones mentioned in the episode. But obviously she and/or Sisko didn't remember the correct deck numbering of the Enterprise which put O'Brien and Bashir in the hilarious situation I mentioned earlier.

At least those two admitted: "I don't know anything about this time period." (can't shake the feeling same did apply to some extent for the DS9 producers ).
Sisko knows what Kirk looks like, but not Dr. McCoy. Sisko heard about events in "Arena" but neither him or Dax really knew what happened in "The Trouble With Tribbles".
Essentially they both know bits and pieces but not enough to qualify as experts of Kirk's era.

Since I am also a big TNG fan, none of this has anything to do with bashing TNG. It's just when it came to reflect events in TOS, the late TNG producers (post-Roddenberry, post-Justman) just didn't do their TOS homework properly, IMO.

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