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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

For the people who actually make the shows, the continuity became a chain that hindered their storytelling. Now whether it -should- have is open to debate, but there are always going to be people who think they could have written something better than what was presented.

Furthermore, it's a historical fact that tv shows until relatively recently weren't especially continuity heavy. TOS was almost entirely one-off episodes that could be watched in basically any order. TNG also had its share of one-offs. That may not be what you prefer, but please don't claim your preference is universal. Even today, when tv shows have generally become more continuity-conscience, there are exceptions, and there are people who prefer the exceptions.

Also, I don't think most tv series actually make it to 10 seasons.

It's ludicrous to criticize the films for only having two films of...well, anything really. You said it yourself, it's -two- films. Would you judge all of TNG based on the first two episodes?

It's galling to me that Trek fans, who theoretically value a show that embraces diversity and open-mindedness, can be so close-minded and judgmental when someone tries to do something new with the franchise.

Star Trek isn't The One Ring, and we should not behave as Gollum.
It was the best of Trek, it was the worst of Trek...
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