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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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Hasn't that ship sailed for the movie Captain America? He pretty much gained celebrity status from rescuing that chick and he was unmasked at the time, plus he had no secret identity in his original time and pretty much everyone knew who he was anyway.
Not really. Yes, the waitress saw his face (which was a callback from her earlier, unfortunately deleted scene where she met him before), but there weren't any cameras around at the time. And yes, it's public knowledge that Steve Rogers was Captain America, but that doesn't mean people would recognize him in person. They might've seen old black-and-white photos, but connecting that to a guy standing in front of you in real life isn't a given.

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For their time, the Donner films were a serious and grounded take on superheroes.
To be fair, there's really only one Donner flick, the first one. It was Richard Lester who camped things up in SUPERMAN II and SUPERMAN III. And I can't even remember who directed SUPERMAN IV.

Better, perhaps, to describe that sequence as the Christopher Reeve films
Well, I was referring to SI and the unfinished Donner version of SII. SIII definitely doesn't count as serious and grounded -- it's an unabashedly Silver-Age take on Superman, and one that actually works pretty darn well once you accept it on those terms.

Superman IV was directed by Sidney J. Furie.
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