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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Sure the book will end up alright when viewed through the lense of the entire 5 part series, but I was definitely a little disappointed that it didn't stand on its own a little more WHILE contributing to the series. Felt like watching the first act of a tv episode, except in this case, we paid for the whole episode.

Not saying you had to pay off the whole thing right away, but there needed to be some smaller arcs that COULD be resolved as part of the overall narrative. This was just setup for later and really doesn't stand on its own very well, IMO. The Typhon Pact novels had their own story while contributing to the overall series, whereas this was just the warmup, but didn't do much on its own.

What story was just told? Don't list something that happened (the obvious event), but how would you define how this story breaks out? Was there a beginning, middle, end? Did we learn anything about anything? What was the obstacle that was overcome (or failed to overcome)? Stuff just was introduced or HAPPENED, and we'll presumably get the rest of the story later. All intro, no payoff.
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