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Re: Stephen King's Under the Dome - TV Series Discussion Thread

For me the worst bits from this week were the military radio transmissions (ok I guess this didn't start just this week, but, seriously, that shit's not encrypted?) and the whole Junior/Angie/Linda sequence.

Let me get this straight... Forrest goes all "She tastes like cigarettes sorry for ruining your New Year's party Lt. Dan", which alerts him to the fact that Barbie is around... or that something is up.. because...?

Then he chases her, radios Linda when he sees Barbie... and then despite the fact that Angie is gone with Julia before Linda makes it there, and Junior is crumpled in a heap not saying anything, she reports to Big Jim that Angie got away with Julia, which she totally didn't see. I mean the camera even goes out of the way to show that the ambulance is totally out of sight right before the police car comes into view. I mean maybe he radioed offscreen that someone had taken Julia... seems like a stretch... I mean he goes to chase Angie and what...? Radios Linda that Angie pulled the wool over his eyes and that Julia is missing? That still doesn't mesh with her line to Big Jim since Angie didn't have Julia when Junior radioed her to begin with.

Also, didn't Linda steal Phil's car because someone siphoned her gas or something? And then ditched Phil and told him to fuck off because he's not a cop. Because all of a sudden he's her new police sidekick and they're rocking a police cruiser.
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